Funtown USA will REOPEN on June 10th! || Splashtown USA opens June 17th!
Funtown USA will REOPEN on June 10th! || Splashtown USA opens June 17th!

Discount Online Corporate Tickets

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Offering discount tickets at your company makes it possible for your employees and their family members to visit the park at a significant discount. There is no charge to the company and the employee purchases through the park’s online store. You do not handle any money or tickets.


A completed agreement with Funtown Splashtown USA and company consent to participate in the program. You will be responsible for displaying information on how to get to the online store, as well as your company’s unique discount code. You promote the program by displaying appropriate brochures, posters, and park information sheets showing hours of operation and special events at the park.

Or purchase corporate tickets in advance and save!

Save up to $10 per ticket!

You can purchase a bulk of 25 or more tickets at a great discounted rate. These tickets are non-refundable. You must pay in full before tickets are sent.

A company code is required to purchase corporate tickets. To receive your corporate code, fill out the Corporate discount information form below.

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