Funtown STEM Days


Get prepared for the ultimate fun in learning

High School & Middle School Days

Working in collaboration with the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance and the University of Maine


 The doors open to classes for a day of fun and education. Students study the principles of science, technology, engineering, and math on the park’s rides, giving them an opportunity to say, “I guess there is a real-world application for all this learning…”

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Students learned all about technology, engineering, and math in a fun way this week — at Funtown Splashtown USA.

“I want to thank you for an excellent day at Funtown. The kids had a blast and the trip went very well. The staff at Funtown was warm, welcoming, and excited to have us. The students learned a great deal and are still completing their work in the booklets. Great job and we thank you for providing this fun, engaging learning day!“

Jessica Scott

Mount View High School – RSU #3, Thorndike, Maine